Company history

1990 August 1998 We applied to trade name "CSC" as a private business owner to the Toyota tax office.
2000 January 2000 We established limited company "CS-communication" with doing corporate registration at the Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau.
April 2002 We established Tokyo branch office.
October 2002 We changed Organization to CS-Communication Co., Ltd.
August 2003 We were authorization to Specified Worker Dispatching.
February 2004 We relocated Osaka head office for expand business.
April 2005 We increased Capital amount to 20 million yen.
May 2005 We established Fukuoka sales office.
June 2007 We relocated Tokyo head office for expand business.
October 2008 We established Nagoya sales office for expand business.
2010 July 2010 We were authorization as Cisco Select Partner.
July 2011 We were authorization as VMware Partner Qualification.
September 2011 We established the official FaceBook page .
October 2011 We were authorization to privacy mark.
We were participated in internship coordinating business at Kansai Electronics Information industry Society.
May 2013 We were awarded commendetion from "Osaka Prefectural Federation of Small Business Associations" at the ceremony that the 30 th anniversary for "Kansai Electronics Information industry Society".
December 2015 We were authorization as telecommunications carrier.
October 2016 We were opened SMAREGI's show room at Fukuoka.
December 2016 We relocated Nagoya sales office for expand business.
March 2017 We were exhibited to Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization, :CeBIT 2017.
April 2017 We were approved general construction licenses of electric construction industry from Osaka governor.
November 2017 We were Switching from specified worker dispatch business to general worker dispatching business.
November 2018 Declaration of Health.
February 2019 Health management excellent corporation 2019 (small and medium-sized enterprise department) authorization
May 2019 We established Sendai office