Privacy policy

As a system integrator, we recognize that there is a serious social responsibility for protecting the personal information of customers and our employees. For this reason, we comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, personal information handling guidelines, guidelines established by the government and other norms, establish a personal information protection management system to embody the policies shown below, always need personal information needs , Social environment, technology trends, etc., we will declare that we will work throughout the company to continuously improve the personal information protection management system.

  • CS-Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CSC”) will acquire, use and provide personal information only to the extent necessary for employment and personnel management of our business and employees. We will not use / offer beyond the range necessary for achieving the specified purpose of use. We also take necessary measures to prevent non-purpose use.
  • CSC will comply with Japan’s Private Information Protection Law and related laws and ordinances, the guidelines and policies determined by Japanese government ministries pertaining to these said laws and ordinances.
  • For leakage, loss or damage of personal information, CSC recognize and analyze risks and take reasonable safety measures.
  • In order to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, CSC will properly operate the personal information protection management system. In addition, CSC will inject management resources according to the latest technology trends and continuously improve the security system of personal information. Also, when problems or nonconforming events occur, CSC will identify the cause and take measures to prevent recurrence, and preventive measures, such as remedial measures.
  • CSC will set up windows for against complaints and consultation, etc. and CSC will respond.
  • Based on changes in the circumstances surrounding personal information and the latest technological trends, CSC will properly review and continuously improve the personal information protection management system as appropriate.

This policy will be disseminated to all employees and efforts will be made to raise awareness of personal information protection by educating and enlightening each employee.

CS-Communication Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President, Ryosuke Makigusa

About the handling of personal information

1, Name of business operator.

CS-Communication Co., Ltd.

2, Administrator's name, affiliation, and contact, for involved personal information protection.

CS-Communications, Ltd. Senior Managing Director Jun Suzuki
Please refer to the inquiry window below for contact information.

3. Purpose of using personal information.

When CSC receiving personal information, we notify the purpose of acquisition and use beforehand and obtain personal information within the range of purpose of use.In addition, CSC will only use the acquired personal information for the purpose of use agreed by person himself, and will not handle it outside the range of purpose of use. Moreover, we will take measures for that. Personal information is acquired / used for the following purposes.

  • Purpose of adopting regular employees etc. who regular employee.
  • Matching employment based on skills, experience, hope etc.
  • Notice to work place based on worker dispatch law.
  • Labor management at work.
  • For implement vocational education, vocational training.
  • For Contact about business, emergency contact at the occurrence of a disaster.
  • Notice and guide on various benefits / welfare services, training etc.
  • Job related to billing and payment.
  • For responding to inquiries such as information change.
  • Various statutory notifications such as social insurance office, health insurance union, workforce alliance etc.

Incidentally, when will changing the purpose of using or when using it for purposes other than those mentioned above, CSC inform the purpose in advance and obtain consent.

4. About provision of personal information to third-party.

Except for cases when person himself is consent obtained or based on laws and regulations, we will not provide the personal information you have obtained to third parties.

5, Optionality in submitting personal information.

Submission of personal information designated by the Company will be optional, but if personal information is not provided, there is a risk of impeding administrative processing etc.

6, About outsourcing the prodessing of personal information.

CSC may entrust handling of personal information to outsourcers who satisfy the level of personal information protection prescribed by our company. Conduct a confidentiality agreement with the subcontractor and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of outsourcers so that safety management of personal information to be entrusted can be planned.

7, About windows for inquiries regarding complaints about handling, requests for disclosure etc.

CSC respond properly and promptly when requested by the provider himself / herself such as follows. : Notification / disclosure / correction / addition / deletion / addition / deletion / suspension / deletion of usage purpose of disclosure target personal information held by our company and suspension to offer to third parties.
For contacts corresponding to disclosure etc., please refer to "Inquiries window" below.

8, About claim means such as disclosure.

a, In case of requesting disclosure of personal information, etc. with visiting our company.

Please fill out the necessary information on the disclosure invoice about personal information. In addition, submit proof of identity as driver's license, passport, health insurance card, resident's card etc.

b, In case of requesting disclosure of personal information, etc. with Mailling, FAX, E-mails.

Please request a disclosure invoice for personal information at the inquiries window. After disclosure invoice arrives, please filling in necessary information, and send back it with enclose the proof of identity such as driver's license, passport, health insurance card, resident card etc. We will verify your identity after receipt.

After receipt disclosure invoice of personal information and proof of identify, the person in charge of personal information complaint consultation window will decide taking into consideration the content of the request and the content of relevant personal information. After making the decision, we fill in document of personal information notice, and send it to the requester together with the identity confirmation materials.

Inquiries window

WIN-building-8F, 7-1-8 Nishi-nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
CS-Communication Co., Ltd.
Inquiries window for personal information protection
TEL +81-6-4806-7287 FAX +81-6-4806-7289
Inquiry reception time 9: 00 ~ 18: 00. ; Provided, however, that excluding weekends, public holidays, and business holidays.