Message from staffs

一番大切なのは自分で考え動くこと。<br />お客様とチームのサポートが私の仕事です。

Mina Komatsu
Joined in 2011 / Administrative Department

Interviewer: Please tell me the year of employment, and your job description.

I joined in 2011 and are doing various administrative tasks.
Specifically, it is management of attendance of employees who belong mainly to the Tokyo head office, creation / shipping of invoices in transactions, correspondence of telephone calls and visitors, etc. In addition, we also have contact points for recruitment related of new staffs, preparation of conference materials at monthly meetings of the company. Since the management department of the Tokyo headquarters is only me, I am in charge of almost all management related work.

Interviewer: Why did you join this company?

Previously, I worked completely differently in Nagoya. However, I was looking for a new job in Tokyo because I was planning to move to Tokyo. At that time,I found this company. That is reason why I joined the company.
I was also receiving selections from other companies, but many companies worried that women would quit the company due to marriage or pregnancy. Therefore, such selections did not go very well.
Although I applied for dozens of companies, the selection did not go well and I was very in trouble. I was about to give up on working as a permanent employee, when unsuccessfull selection continued. At such time, I watched the job information of this company and applied. In the case of this time, I was worried that it would be rejected like any other company. In fact, however, In contrast to anxiety, I remember that I received informal job offer smoothly.
There was also a situation that the person in charge of management work had just retired and the company was actively recruiting. And, unlike other companies, this company did not make any negative questions about marriage or childbirth. And so I recieved informal job offer from their. In addition, I was very glad that thier expected to me even I have not work experience in the IT industry. I decided to try my best to work, and accepted informal job offer from this company.

Interviewer: I heard you were worked from inexperience. What did you learn from joining this company?

There are many things. But If I dare narrow it down to one, I learned that my posture to moving with thinking by myself is important than anything. In the fact, since I joined the company, I ever had not a direct supervisor still today,In such an environment, even if waiting for an order from the superiors, work does not proceed smoothly, so I became to think spontaneously and act actively.
Since the person in charge of the management group had already left the company when I joined the company, the manager of another group was concurrently responsible for the administrative work. For several days after joining the company, there was a brief explanation of the work from the manager. However, after that there was no detailed explanation, and I was delegated to do all the administrative work as it was. And he said to me that I will leave the rest to you. Lol
Because it was such a situation, at first it was troubling, So I was worked with various devised. While about 3 months after I joined this company, I was referencing to past materials and called telephone to members of the management group at Osaka to leaned how to can work for more smoothly working. Although there was a time when it was very hard, I think that I got the attitude from such experience to think spontaneously and act actively.