Message from staffs

Takashi Nakajima

Ten years have passed since our company was established. However, we are still continue growing. In fact, we have a positive attitude regarding for such as challenge to new business and improve to internal working. In addition footwork for business is light as a feature of the company, so it continues to give us a lot of opportunities and possibilities for me who has worked for a long time. Then,I thought about the meaning of exist CS communication in society. Of course CS comuniccation is contributing to the creation of employment, and tax payment. In addition, employees working at our company grow through work, deepen responsibility and compassion. And it will be good influence for family and society. And this time,we will make use of the growth through such relationship in our business. I think CS communication is a place with such an environment.

CS communication is a company that can challenge.At our company, if you show a positive attitude to what you want to challenge, there is an environment where you can challenge regardless of experience or age. Of course, in order to support your challenge, we seek a befitting responsibility and preparedness, but I think that it is a very exciting environment for those who can work actively. CS Communication is a company that is always trying to evolve, without being satisfied with maintaining the status quo. If you have a few interests, please come here to meet us.