Message from staffs

Jun Suzuki

Do you have what kind of image to CScommunication it being our company?
I think that there are various opinions, but I think in a word a company that can always feel the potentiality and ambitious.

The IT industry in which CS Communication develops business is mature, and competition with many other companies. Some companies are doing well, some do not, some companies will go bankrupt.
Among such IT industry,our company continue to grow sales from establishment to today.

I thought reason about why our company is keep growing.

The hint for that reason lies in the business that implementation and deployment for system that we have been doing since its establishment. Speaking briefly, this business is simply system implementation. But the companies that can do it steadily are not so many more than I thought.

There are many companies that are good at design and construction for system, but imprementation for those systems with properly and politely, another skill is required.
What is important for implementing and deploying the system is to understand the system deeply from the customers' point of view and realize the customer's request. To that end, it is essential that you have high technical skills, communication skills to understand customer's business, ability of planning to execution for accommodate systems of various sizes.

There are many companies that have one of the above. However, I haven't so many times to seen organizations that had all of them. Since our establishment, we are continuing efforts, we have composed an organization optimized for system implementation and system deployment, and have worked hard to improve the service. I thinking that there is our present and future because our those attitude is accepted by society and our customers.

In addition, CS communication is a place where employees can feel the possibility of ourselves.As a matter of fact, most of the employees did not have work experience in the IT industry when their joined our company.Most of them just using PCs when they surfing the web site, there were even people who did not know windows OS inside.There are a lot of employees who are started work from a level that does not have the knowledge necessary for our business.
However, if such new recruits continue to working at our company, they will acquired much higher skills, knowledge and communication abilities than when they joined our company. And they will continue grow to a respectable engineer who can be active in various situation.

In addition to education, our company backs up employees who have dreams as much as possible. To employees who have dreams and willingness,such as want to do realization such a things,and to started their own business, etc. there are case that entrust the launch of a new business or the establishment of an internal venture.In the past, after having many experienced in our company, there are also staffs who started own business with independently.

We will be seeking our dreams with company and employees,through in the past, now and in the future.
A company that can always feel the possibility,both to society and for employees working at our company.
That is the CS Communication.