Message from staffs

Yoshito Tashiro
Joined in 2004 / Network solution group

Interviewer: Please tell me the year of employment,and your job description.

I joined in 2004, and I'm chief now. My job description is contracting for the operation and maintenance of Web services provided by mobile phone carriers. At web services for users are providing contents such as lottery etc, and delivering moving images. We are operating and maintenance the server 24 hours a day so that there is no occur trouble on the background of system.
I usually work in a client's office, not in CS-Communication's office.But,some members in the same department are also in charge of system construction for client at the CS-Communication's office.Because each is in charge of another project, the job description and the place of work also differ from person to person.

Interviewer: Why did you join this company?

Previously I worked at a restaurant and I was doing work that is not related to current work with IT. In the restaurant I was in charge of cooking and hospitality, and I had been engaged in the provision of cuisine, and customer service to visitors, for several years.
However, since I was originally interested about IT, I often used PC at private. When I was a college student, the Internet began to spread. and I often remember enjoyed what touching the computer in the classroom. After graduating from college and getting employed, I am still interested about IT, and I have experience that purchase parts myself and assembled a PC. While continuing such a things, I become have more interested in IT and I became wanted to change work to IT industry. Then I started searching new job, and it was opportunity for knowing the CS-Communication.
However, since I had no job experience in IT industry at that time, I needed to find a company that would accept even inexperience. I was send documents for interview to some companies and waiting contact for the selection result. At such time, CS-Communication has reacted to me at the first. I felt good reaction at the interview with they. In addition, they gave me a informal job offer at the fast than any companies. I was feeling uneasy about the lack of experience, but I decided to join the company. The reason as I felt that the relavance between me and the company is good, because it proceeded smoothly to the decision of employment.

Interviewer: As a change of occupation from a different industry, is there anything that you feel that you have grown at this company?

I have a lot. Among them, I feel that the greatest growth is responsibility for work.
In the restaurant, it was always required to work with the team. At any time, there had several chefs and customer service staffs, etc. Even if they taked a mistake somewhere, we helped each other and worked. However, now I have to finish my work responsibly to the last. Because each worked individually, coworkers does not mean that I am perfectly grasping what I am doing right now. In the former occupation, we were working same space, each person in charge coordinatedly cooking and serving the service of doing a hospitality, but now it is not so.In the current workplace, individuals work on their own work at each site, and the accumulation of their accomplishments is evaluated. For this reason, our own competence has become very important on the work. I became to feel the responsibility and influence of individuals more strongly.