Recruit - To you who will work with us from now on.

testA person who can strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, and human ability.
							 A person who can work sincerely at work. We wanting for such a human capital.

Attractiveness as a human being,ambition,honesty.
Message from President

What I seek to all the employees is to have attractiveness as a human being.and continually strive to improve knowledge and technology.

The systems continues to become sophisticated, and large-scale ones also increasing.   Therefore, more sophisticated technology is required for engineers.For those who intend the IT industry, it is necessary not only to gain experience but also to keep an eye on the latest technology and trends and to improve knowledge.

However, what matters is not just to raise knowledge and skills.It is verry important to have compassion for customers and colleagues. It is also similary to work with imagination It is human beings to make a system.Even with advanced technology and knowledge, you can not do a good job unless you can not notice the requests of the customers in front of you.

Our mission is to respond promptly to customers requests and needs. The talent we are seeking is a person who have attractiveness as a human being and constantly strives to improve knowledge and technology, and can works with honesty.And we think that such personnel are very important assets for the company.

Representative Director and President,

Ryosuke Makigusa