Which server will store product information and customer information?

It will keep it on the server dedicated to the SMAREGI. Data backup is done automatically every day.

Is it possible to use credit card payment using SMAREGI?

Settlement using dedicated IC card reader is possible. Besides, it apply to various payment methods such as Rakuten-pay and Coiney. For details please check the official site .

Is security measures safe?

It is safe.You can lock device by applying password restriction. In addition, you can set customer's data not keep locally. It also communication with the server is SSL encrypted communication.

Would it be impossible to use the SMAREGI if there was a case where I could not connect to the Internet temporarily?

You can use SMAREGI. Since it has a local database so that you can sell it even offline, you can continue selling it even if you do not connect to the Internet.

Can I continue to use existing product information and customer information in a SMAREGI?

It is available. In addition, since product information and customer information can be imported / exported, it will be available smoothly if prepared in CSV format.

Can past dealing history etc. be imported into a SMAREGI?

It can not import data such as past dealing history.

Is SMAREGI possible to link with existing systems?

Cooperation using WebAPI is possible. Please inquire by e-mail if you would like to know details.

Is there a hardware guarantee?

Provided 1 year warranty is attached to the peripheral equipment purchased at the SUMAREGI's Supplies Store .Other hardware complies with the manufacturer's guarantee standards.

Can I use SMAREGI on my Android OS device?

You can not use it. It is not compatible with the Android OS.

Can SMAREGI link with order entry system for food and drink?

It is possible to link with order entry system called a SMAREGI-Waiter prepared for using at restaurants.

Has function for outputting a label sticker printed with a bar code on SMAREGI?

SMAREGI can not outputting label sticker in the case of stand alone.
However, because there is a data output function in the SMAREGI, it is possible to print a label sticker by sending data for the label printer.