Cloud based highly functional tablet POS system Increase sales.
Conciseness accounting.

Cloud based pos system called SMAREGI that we providing has abundant functions incorporating the users real opinions, SMAREGI realizing the function and price to overwhelm other companies.


Improve business efficiency with real-time inventory check.

If you use SMAREGI, you can check inventory from the tablet even while you are in dealing with customers. Therefore, your can reduce useless time and improve work efficiency.


Implementation of the system at low cost.

Your can be used SMAREGi on existing iPhone / iPod Touch devices. Therefore, it can be implemented cheaper than conventional POS cash register.


Effective for retail stores and mobile catering business.

SMAREGI is compact than conventional POS-register, and it can be realized space saving of sales counter. In addition, it is easy to system implementation for mobile catering business and Extraordinary store in event etc.

SMAREGI is easy to implement and it has high function. You can start managing stores right away.

  • SMAREGI can confirm sales information anywhere.

    In SMAREGI, since sales information and inventory information are centrally managed on the Web, it can be confirmed even off-site.

  • SMAREGI has Management function for customers information and points information.

    If you use SMAREGI. You can realize hospitality while watching the customer's information such as possession points and past transaction history.

  • Easy to system implementation.

    SMAREGI is a SaaS type package software which can be used immediately if store settings, product data, stock data are imported in CSV format from owner exclusive web page.

SMAREGI's initial setting can be requested to us as needed.