Racing through people and systems

CS Communication

Racing through people and systems

CS Communication

Racing through people and systems

CS Communication


We are a systems integrator corporation that supports networks as a form of social infrastructure based on the trust we have built through our 20 years of dedicated to the principals of technological prowess, sincerity, and ambition.


Network solutions

IT infrastructure is not our only strength; we are a generalist group of engineers with experience on a wide range of projects in areas including key systems development, cloud services, IoT device development and AI.


Customer solutions

This involves infrastructure maintenance as well as setting up and installing the terminals and peripheral network devices that form the interface between humans and computers, which is indispensable in the ever-evolving information processing industry.


Service alliance

We approach improving IT environments from every angle, from system construction to consulting, operation support and maintenance, in order to accurately meet our clients' needs.


Cloud-based high-performance tablet POS cash registerSmart Register

Our high-performance free of charge Cloud POS cash register made based on the opinions of on-site staff can handle any industry or size of business with apps on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


At CS Communication, we're recruiting team members willing to work together.

  • Recruit

    CS Communication is always growing and always looking for new strengths and talents. How would you like to changing the world with us?

  • Partner

    We are recruiting corporate partners, regardless of business type, for system development and planning, temporary staffing, business contracting and more in all our areas of business, including development and network construction.